“Pegi John’s Veteran’s Day visit was truly a trip down Memory Lane for our residents.  Her nostalgic collection of news clips, vintage clothing, cigarette holder and all brought complete authenticity to the World War II program.  However, the most impressive part of the program was Pegi’s provocative singing; which brought tears to more than one resident’s eyes.  You know you have had a good, no excellent, performer when residents spend hours after the program reminiscing about the good old days of which Pegi sings.”
- Lisa McGary
Activities Coordinator: Sunrise of Fair Oaks, Fairfax, VA


“Pegi brings wonderful enthusiasm with her Cabaret style programs. She’s been entertaining at our assisted living facility for 5 + years and is received openly and warmly every visit. Pegi has a huge repertoire of music that pleases anyone 50 and beyond. Even some of our younger visitors like her too!! Our residents will keep asking to have Cabaret music over and over, but only if it’s Pegi holding the microphone.” 
- Kari Roth
Activity Director - Retirement campus, 3801 Grand, Des Moines, IA


“To give a performance such as you did, especially non-rehearsed, was fantastic. The acoustics in our Upcountry site have always given us problems. However, your voice and words were very clear and the songs you chose brought wonderful memories to our seniors. The smiles on their faces told the feelings they felt.”
- Clarice Holmes
Kaunor Senior Services


 “Pegi Johns has performed here at our Health Care Center. Our average population is 80+ years. Pegi has a special style that our residents just love. She arrives dressed beautifully, and her voice is truly amazing. She interacts very well with our residents, she gets eye level with them and then they sing right along with her. We definitely enjoyed her performance.”
- Cindy Kagel
Activity Director of the Lexington Health Center, LaGrange, Il


“Pegi Johns has performed annually for the Veterans Day programs at the General Patton Memorial Museum for several years now. She has always done a very professional job and has a wonderful repertoire of songs for all ages. She is a definite crowd pleaser and her enthusiasm and talent are indeed refreshing.”
- Margit F Chiriaco Rusche 
Co-Founder of General Patton Memorial Museum, Chiriaco Summit, California


“You are terrific!”
- Chuck Miller
Golden State Dixieland Ramblers, Former Disneyland Musicians Big Band Sound-Swing